Another birthday has come and gone, thought about you on the 1st. Ian had a big celebration for his 21st birthday and we missed you there, you would have enjoyed it. Think about you a whole lot and sometimes it just doesn't feel real that your not here. We all miss you a whole lot, parties are not the same without you, Forever thinking about you my friend. XXXX

Added: October 3, 2017

Drinking a nice petite sirah thinking of you tonight. Memories of Steely Dan, Malibu, the Palladium and Return to Forever are just the tip of the iceberg. Why and how you ever put up with me boggles my mind. I just guess you loved me as your little brother. Miss you. Hope that there is an after life so we can meet again and I can show you even more the appreciation and love I have for you. Forever in my heart. Robert

Added: October 1, 2017

We think of you every day, speak of you often, and will miss you always.

Added: April 12, 2017

Think of you everyday. The void you left isn't fillable. But I know you're watching out for alot of us. Love and miss you. P.S. Thanks for you know who. I know you are behind it all.

Added: April 12, 2017

I think of you everyday, more so today; a year after your passing. You are missed more than ever and would have been proud of us all (Big/old Ian; little/young Ian, Rob, Alex and myself) - we all completed your favorite bike ride. Doing the ride and spending the weekend up north (we wimped out by having a roof over our head - just couldn't face "doing it like Richard" by driving up the night before and sleeping in the car); it was a very bitter-sweet ride (and weekend). While I'm sure you're pulling that "wry look" because we only completed 45 miles, we completed the course we all signed up for. For that, I am more proud of finishing this particular bike ride, than I am of finishing all of my other rides combined. We love and miss you - and although you weren't with us in body, you were with each and every one of us in spirit, helping us over the line - could have done without the headwind, but glad the rain held off; and I honestly believe you had a hand in that. Next time, please make sure the wind is behind us :-). Love you, big man xx

Added: April 12, 2017

Miss you dearly Richard, today even a little more than others. I completed the 45 mile ride on your favorite ride! I basically had no training but I never had a doubt that I was going to finish it, because it was for you! I knew you were going to help us along the way. Your bike was able to cross the finish line of your favorite ride (even though it was a lot slower) I love you and miss you every day and wish you were here to be with us. The world is just not the the same without you.

Added: April 11, 2017

It's a year tomorrow since you left us which is so hard to believe. I still miss seeing you on the corner of Noble and Dickens on my way home from work when you were out walking Elfie. You are so very missed my dear friend. I am doing my best to take care of Janet when she needs a helping hand, you would be so proud of her she's been so strong. Tomorrow I will think of you all day with love and sadness in my heart and wish you were still here to share a glass of wine or two. Thinking of you tomorrow and always xxxxxx

Added: April 11, 2017

This is a long time overdue,I've been meaning to leave a message for a long time now.My memories of Richard still stay with me everyday,and every time I see one of the those little Mercedes on the 405,and every time I get on my bike and head for the hills.He used to ride with me in the L.A. Marathons.The first time he would ride until about the 18 mile mark then when I ask him how he was doing,he would turn to me ,with a wink and a big grin he would start to pull away from me,and there was nothing I could do to stay with him.He was a big powerful man and he loved leaving me behind for a couple miles,I would catch him up ,then he would do it again,we always had a good laugh about that and I miss his sarcasm and wit,but ,most of all he was a kind caring man that thought of everyone else before himself,a rare quality that is found in few.....I think of him daily,and wonder why God in his wisdom took him away from us way too early...I miss our rides even though he would beat me every time,because even though it wasn't a was...Thinking of you Richard,we should have had many more rides,and laughs...

Added: March 13, 2017

Janet, it is now sometime after your heartrending loss, but please accept my very belated, but heartfelt condolences. By chance I came across Richards celebration pages online, & was moved & saddened to learn of his passing. Having enjoyed your generous hospitality during a holiday at your home with Karen, many years ago, I experienced the deep, limitless love that you & Richard shared. Those memories are cherished. You are in my thoughts.

Added: March 7, 2017

Hello Janet, I wanted to leave some thoughts for you. I just received an email from Allison Wrigley saying that you remembered Richard working with me at St Johns. I did not get to attend his celebration but it looked lovely and I heard from several other nurses that it was exactly what Richard would have wanted. I was deeply touched by his passing and the thing I remember most was how warmly he spoke of you and how lucky we all thought you were. I have thought of him often since his passing and although I never got to meet you I think of you as well. I hope you are well and I hope that time has played at least a small part in the easing of your pain. This website is amazing and thank you for putting it up and sharing this with all of us.

Added: January 18, 2017

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