Richard I will remember you forever as the gentle giant that cycled, ran and walked the streets of Sherman Oaks. It was always great to see your smile and wave. I believe you were a soul mate to Janet and the two of you embodied what marriage is all about. Janet, you and Richard are in my thoughts and prayers. A tragic loss!

Added: May 30, 2016

I would like to submit a few condolences from some fellow friends and golfers:

Richard was a gentle giant who could hit the ball a country mile. Thanks to Steve, I was able to play a number of rounds with Richard and he was always a sweet, unassuming gentleman. A real pleasure to play with. I'm sorry he's gone, sorry for his family and happy for Art Baer. 'Cause now he finally has a fellow Whitefish Golf Champion to tee off with up there. -Fellow Champion, Chris Vane, Sherman Oaks, CA

Although I only played golf with Richard the one time at the Whitefish tournament I am as truly sad when I heard of his passing. I have read many times that you can get a true sense of a person by the way they play golf and I found Richard to be a great guy. The entire day he had a fun sense of humor. Best of all he could really hit it a long way which helped us win the best foursome. Many have tried but few have achieved that rare feat. I'm sure one of his proudest moments. I was glad to have known him even though he was annoyingly tall. Which I told him immediately upon meeting him. RIP Richard one of the best. Condolences to his family.
Mike R.... The one who looks like 1/3 scale next to Richard
-Fellow Champion, Mike Rosenberg

I got a sad email today from Steve Galloway telling me that our Fish Friend Richard Krutosik passed away last night after a long and courageous fight with cancer. He was only 54. As you may remember, Richard was a last minute fill-in for Chris Vane’s team at last year’s Fish Tournament. He gave that team a huge advantage, which helped Chris, Mike, and Dave win. I have attached their team picture. Richard is on the far right.

Since that time, Steve and I played golf with him knowing that he was battling to beat his 4-stage cancer. At one point it looked like he was, and he was optimistic as we were. Ultimately things changed for the worse. He gave it his best. As Steve knows better than anyone, Richard was a really terrific guy to all and especially to his dear wife Janet. In Steve’s words, “They were a match made of love and laughter."

In my never ending attempt to make a sad moment happy, and I know Richard would appreciate this, he died knowing he won the Coney Island Whitefish Best Foursome Trophy. Some people go their whole lives without winning it, and some people simply dream of just playing in the Fish Tournament. He did both! God bless you, Richard!
-Fellow golfer and Director of the Coney Island Whitefish Golf Tournament, Derek Barton, Cheviot Hills, CA

Added: May 25, 2016

I got to know Richard in the last few years out on the golf course and through Janet and their wacky dogs, Archie and Elfie. Richard was a very good golfer that could crush a drive well beyond whatever we dreamed of. He always maintained a modest demeanor and even temper. He was great guy to hang with on and off the course, a real gentleman in a giants body. He will be forever missed and loved. Thanks, Richard, for making a such permanent and wonderful memories. You shall be missed and remembered always.

Added: May 25, 2016

Het zien van de video heeft ons, een mooi beeld gegeven van Richard. Wie hij was, een sterke
,sportieve man met gevoel voor humor en een geweldige partner voor jou, Jeanett!
Hoe jullie het leven met elkaar en anderen hebben kunnen vieren, hebben wij ook ervaren toen jullie vorig jaar in Haarlem waren.
We zijn ontroerd,
liefs uit Haarlem van Irene.Ydwien en Henk

Added: May 25, 2016

On April 11 2016 one of the most beautiful souls in the world left us behind to continue his journey. Richard I wish I was there to hold your hand and comfort you. Thank you for being my friend and always being there when I needed you. Thank you for the advice, laughter, wine, and margaritas too. So many memories and good times shared.
Bless you my friend, forever in my heart, until we meet again love Brenda.

Added: May 21, 2016

You were larger than life in more ways than one. If there were more people like you in the world, it would be a much more intelligent, fun loving, fun filled and compassionate world. It was an honor and pleasure knowing you and being your friend. I will miss you so much, as I know all of your friends and family will. You proved to everyone that nice guys can finish first and they do get the girl of their dreams. xx

Added: May 18, 2016

What has been and what has gone ,will allways be
Thats how it is.with a perfection . loved you bro

Added: May 17, 2016

I'm sorry I was not there today but, I think about you lots, Richard. Although, I did not know you for long you made a tremendous impression on me. What a wonderful soul you are. I know how much you meant to Eunice and Ian. Rachel grew very fond of you. I am so very sad but, please know how many lives you touched in such a positive way. The world should have more wonderful people like you in it. May you rest in peace. Janet...know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a strong woman. Hang onto the beautiful memories. Richard lives in your heart forever.

Added: May 17, 2016

To our gentle giant
Thanks for being In our lives when we did spend time together it was so special, you will be missed and never forgotten.
Thankyou for making my sister the happiest lady in the world
I love you * * *

Added: May 16, 2016

Ah, Richard. I am so glad I was part of today's celebration of your vibrant life. You have left a big wake, pal. But the joy you have left us surpasses the grief we all feel that 53 years were not enough.

Added: May 16, 2016

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